Washington Research Council examines paid sick leave policies

The Washington Research Council has released a podcast and policy brief examining the impacts of paid sick leave policies. The WRC concludes:

Ultimately, policies like mandatory paid sick leave limit the ability of employees and employers to determine what combination of wages and benefits is most desirable for both parties. They might result in a shift of compensation that would not be preferable for all employees.

In our research report, we noted the proliferation of employment policies being enacted or considered by local governments, including leave policies and local minimum wages. Our summary:

Washington employers and residents alike place a high priority on the equitable compensation and protection of those in the workforce. Policymakers must carefully consider wage and benefits mandates and system to ensure that such protection are maintained in a cost-effective manner so that employers can create more job opportunities for Washington citizens.

The WRC analysis is a timely contribution to the information available to legislators as they consider changes in statewide employment policy.