Washington Research Council reports on House-passed operating budget

The Washington Research Council has published a brief blog post on the House-passed budget. Earlier, we linked to their assessment of the Senate-passed budget.

Here’s the crux:

On Saturday the House passed its operating budget. As passed, it would appropriate $52.319 billion from funds subject to the outlook (NGFO) for 2019–21 (a decrease of 2.6% over the 2020 supplemental) and $58.479 billion from the NGFO for 2021–23 (an increase of 11.8% over the proposed 2021 supplemental).

The House-passed budget would appropriate $1.189 billion less over three years (NGFO) than the budget passed by the Senate.

Both budgets boost spending a lot and rely on a controversial 7% capital gains tax. The final budget deal will be hashed out in conference committee negotiations.