Washington Roundtable launches Recover Together resource page: Corporate leadership in a crisis.

How are some of Washington’s leading corporations providing relief and leadership in the COVID-19 crisis? Where resources are available?

The Washington Roundtable has just launched “Recover. Together.

The Washington Roundtable would like to thank our state’s health care community as well as the businesses, private foundations, public agencies and institutions across our state that have come together in unprecedented ways to help address the COVID-19 crisis and provide relief and support for Washingtonians. We want to recognize the inspirational stories rising out of the response effort while at the same time focusing on the work yet to come. For that reason we have launched a new page, focused on one message: Recover Together.

It’s a website that pulls together links to Washington State COVID Resources and Federal COVID Resources. It’s easy to use and helpful.

The site also provides fascinating insights to the steps being taken by some of Washington’s major corporations to provide leadership and assistance  during the crisis. As the Roundtable writes, the site 

…shares stories of efforts to support the healthcare response; provide relief to small businesses and vulnerable communities; support students and families through remote learning; plan for safe workplaces so employees and customers can confidently come back; and more.

We encourage you to visit the page. It’s an encouraging reminder of exemplary corporate leadership in this unprecedented time.