With homelessness initiative off the ballot, Compassion Seattle says “voters must change who’s in charge” in November.

Compassion Seattle’s effort to overturn a King County Superior Judge’s decision blocking its homelessness initiative from the ballot came to an abrupt end when the state Court of Appeals denied the group’s emergency appeal motion.

Compassion Seattle swiftly turned its attention to the November city election, pointing out that the approach envisioned in the initiative was the right one and that city leaders have been unable to respond to respond effectively to the homelessness crisis.

Today’s rejection of our emergency appeal motion means that Seattle voters must change who is in charge if they want a change to the city’s failed approach to addressing the homelessness crisis. While we are deeply disappointed, we will continue to share evidence that our amendment’s approach can make a necessary and noticeable difference for those living unsheltered in our parks and other public spaces…

The evidence speaks for itself: Seattle has continued to increase its spending on homelessness over the last five years, yet the number of people living unsheltered has only increased. We cannot afford further inaction and the City’s continued failed approach to this emergency. Seattle voters, you have the power to make a difference this November in who you elect as Mayor, as City Attorney, and to the City Council.

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